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Cross Stitch - Where To Start

Most new stitchers are overwhelmed when starting their first cross stitch piece simply because they are working on a blank canvas and how on earth does the chart ‘transfer’ to the cloth. The method (s) is pretty simple.

There are 2 ways in which to get started on a cross stitch project.

Lets deal with the normal, sure fire, most practical, most used method…starting in the middle:

  • Find the Centre of the Chart as follows:
    • Every chart (even if printed over multiple pages) will have 4 solid ARROWS pointing inward towards the grid.
    • All 4 these arrows are found toward the 4 edges of the page. 2 horizontal ones and 2 vertical ones – left and right, top and bottom
    • Where one vertical arrow meets one horizontal arrow, in the centre, equals the centre of the chart.
    • It helps to mark this with a highlighter

  • Now find the centre of the fabric as follows:
    • It is important to note the shape of your project. Is it square or rectangular. If it is a rectangle (one side is longer than the other) then be sure to keep note of whether the short sides are the top and bottom or whether they are the 2 sides (portrait vs landscape)
    • Take your fabric and fold in half

  • Fold in half AGAIN:

  • Crease the folds with your fingers
  • Open up the fabric so that you end up with lines that look like this: Where they cross equals the centre of the fabric, in otherwords, your starting point.

Now, remember the marked block on the chart centre? Thread up with that colour and stitch that stitch in the centre of the fabric…YOU HAVE BEGUN! Well Done!

The other way to start a cross stitch piece is to start in a corner, either top left, top right, bottom left or bottom right. Most corner starters will start top left.

If you have purchased your fabric from Needlework Emporium then your framing allowance would have been calculated in at 7.5cm per side. Therefore it dictates that you need to start 7.5cm IN from 2 sides (vertical and horizontal). Here we go:

  • Take a tape measure and measure in 7.5cm from the top – Mark it with a pin
  • Then measure in 7.5cm from that side – Mark it
  • Where the 2 markings meet equals your starting point on the fabric

The first stitch is ofcourse the first stitch in the corresponding corner on the chart.

Starting in a corner only really applies to full coverage charts – i.e the entire picture is covered in stitches.

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