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R8.50 per skein of DMC Thread

Please process all your orders online.  


Want to purchase the Threads & Beads at the same time as the chart?

Contact Me and I will gladly send you the list & set the chart aside for 24 hours whilst you prepare your order.

Seaside Fantasy

by Stoney Creek
R 180,00

Contemporary Expressions

by Stoney Creek
R 160,00

Les Fleurs

14 Count DMC 15 DMC colour threads
R 260,00

Bunch with Bell Flowers

18 Count Aida
R 450,00

Cars of the 60s

Book 378 Stoney Creek Cross Stitch Charts
R 120,00

Timeless Wisdom

Stoney Creek Book 473
R 120,00

SI - Welcome

R 75,00

SI - Rejoice

R 75,00

Day Nymph

Mirabilia - Day Nymph
R 300,00

Night Nymph

Mirabilia - Night Nymph
R 300,00


R 175,00


R 100,00

SI - Believe

R 75,00

Vintage Cycles

R 210,00

Earth Goddess

Earth Goddess an Joan Elliott Design


R 300,00