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Our Little Blessing

14 Count Aida Canvas Our Little Blessing
R 599,00

Alphabet Fun

Bothy Threads Cross Stitch Kit artwork done by Julia Rigby
R 695,00

Popcorn the Bear

by Vervaco DIY Kits Popcorn the Bear
R 525,00

I Love You

RTO Bear holding Heart Balloons I Love You
R 750,00

Baby Foot

by Vervaco - Baby foot
R 525,00

Flying in a hot air balloon

by Vervaco DIY Kits Flying in a hot air balloon
R 875,00


Permin Cross Stitch Kit - Annebelle Evenweave 26 ...
R 950,00


Permin Cross Stitch Kit - Martin Evenweave 26 Count 35 x ...
R 950,00

Happy Friends

Permin Cross Stitch Kit - Happy Friends Aida 16 Ivory ...
R 895,00