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Stitching With Metallics

So you selected a design. You love it and you have planned your stitching hours as if they were a taste of heaven.

You scan the design only to find the dreaded metallic thread.

Generally stitches hate metallic threads. They are prone to breakage, fraying, snapping and basically creating havoc on your masterpiece.

Lets understand the why before we discuss the solution.

Metallic threads, unlike most stranded cottons are made of synthetic fibres, mostly polyester. Stranded cottons are made of natural fibre  - 100% cotton. Metallics also have a lurex thread (another synthetic fibre) running through it. This is infact where the sparkle comes from.

So, because you have a synthetic fibre constantly being pushed and pulled though the eye of a needle as well as fabric, chances are, the pushing and pulling will create??????? FRAYING and BREAKAGE – and you tearing your hair out.

The Solution:

  • Cut short lengths (15cm MAX)
  • Use a thread conditioner like Thread Heaven, to condition the thread prior to stitching
  • If you see the thread starting to fray, END OFF. Carrying in is NOT worth the frustration

Common metallic threads are:

The DMC Metallic and Kreinik braids are generally used on their own.

Kreinik Blending Filament is used as the name suggests – blended with a DMC Stranded Thread or any other stranded thread.

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