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Calculating Cross Stitch Fabric

Cross Stitch Fabric- How Much Do I Need?

The answer to the question is simple but requires a little maths.

The formula is:

  • Stitch Width divided by Fabric Count multiply by 2.5 Plus 15 - then
  • Stitch Height divided by Fabric Count multiply by 2.5 Plus 15

The explanation is as follows:

  • Stitch Width and Stitch Height details are found on your cross stitch pattern / chart. It is normally under the information section or near the list of threads needed
  • Fabric Count refers to the count of fabric you choose to use. For example: 14 count, 18 count etc. An important note regarding fabric count: When stitching over 2 strands on finer counts (25 count and up) be sure to divide that figure by 2. So, 28 count =14 count, 25 count =12.5 count and so on.
  • X 2.5 – this refers to the conversion from inches to centimetres (1 inch = 2.5 cm)
  • Plus 15 – refers to the framing allowance (7.5cm per side). Framing allowance is important as it is the excess fabric required by the framer in order to lace your work around the acid free board so that your work lays absolutely flat and remains that way for years to come.

An Example of a Stitch Count calculation:

Stitch count as per the pattern: 450 w x 316 h

Stitcher A wants to use 14 count and she is stitching over 1 weave of the fabric:

  • 450 divided 14 x 2.5 +15 = 95cm
  • 316 divided 14 x 2.5 +15 = 75cm

Fabric cut will be 95 x 75cm

Stitcher B wants to use 25 count and is stitching over 2 weaves of the fabric:

  • 450 divided 12.5 x 2.5 +15 = 105cm
  • 316 divided 12.5 x 2.5 +15 = 80cm

Fabric cut will be 105x 80cm

Stitcher C also wants to use 25 count but is stitching over 1 weave of the fabric:

  • 450 divided 25 x 2.5 +15 = 60cm
  • 316 divided 25 x 2.5 +15 = 50cm

Fabric cut will be 60x 50cm


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