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Butterflies and Flowers

14 Count Aida Canvas 15 colours of threads
R 395,00

Bunch with Bell Flowers

18 Count Aida
R 450,00

Bunch with Clover

18 Count Aida
R 450,00


RTO Fuchsia
R 200,00

Gift for Beloved

RTO Gift for Beloved
R 495,00


RTO Peonies
R 750,00


RTO Tulips
R 499,00

Delphinium and Cosmos

RTO Delphinium and Cosmos
R 495,00


RTO Azalea
R 775,00


RTO Briar
R 599,00

Cabbage Butterfly

by RTO
R 760,00

Heart of Flowers

by Vervaco DIY Kits Heart of Flowers
R 875,00

Riolis Bunch of Lavender

Riolis Bunch of Lavender
R 350,00

Riolis Blackberries

Riolis Blackberries
R 385,00

Riolis Branch of Plum

Riolis Branch of Plum
R 459,00

Riolis Watercolor Gerberas

Riolis Watercolor Gerberas
R 850,00

Field Flowers

Marjolien Bastin Cross Stitch Collection by Lanarte Field ...
R 1150,00

Flight of the Bumble Bee

Bothy Threads Cross Stitch Kit artwork done by Kim Anderson
R 785,00

Roses in Tea Bowl

RTO Roses in Tea Bowl
R 550,00

Silk Roses

RTO Silk Roses
R 499,00

Bouquet with Daisies

RTO Bouquet with Daisies
R 525,00


Permin Cross Stitch Kit Violets 37 x 37 cm .
R 825,00

ABC in Flowers

Permin Cross Stitch Kit ABC in Flowers 45 x 62 cm .
R 1575,00

Chair with Flowers

Permin Cross Stitch Kit Chair with Flowers 26 x 31 cm .
R 795,00

Wheelbarrow with Flowers

Permin Cross Stitch Kit Wheelbarrow with Flowers 31 x 26 ...
R 795,00

Cart with Flowers

Permin Cross Stitch Kit Cart with Flowers 26 x 31 cm .
R 875,00

Water Pump

Permin Cross Stitch Kit Water Pump 26 x 36 cm .
R 875,00

Lilies with Butterfly

Permin Cross Stitch Lilies with Butterfly 20 x 28 cm .
R 945,00

Strawberries with Butterflies

Permin Cross Stitch Srawberries with Butterflies Size 39 x ...
R 785,00

Butterfly and Spider

Permin Cross Stitch Kit Butterfly and Spider Size 40 x 47 ...
R 1675,00

Million Hearts

Permin Cross Stitch Kit Million Hearts Size 20 x 29 cm
R 695,00


Permin Cross Stitch Kit - Cactus Aida 16 Count White 10 ...
R 330,00


Permin Cross Stitch Kit - Sunflower Aida 14 Count ...
R 495,00


Permin Cross Stitch Kit - Tulip Aida 14 Count Black 19 x ...
R 495,00