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R8.50 per skein of DMC Thread

Please forward us the orders via email with selection and we will calculate and invoice you.

Cross Stitch Charts



Hanging Around for Christmas

Book No 411
R 175,00

The 12 Days of Christmas with Ornaments

Stoney Creek Collection Book Number 408
R 175,00

Christmas Snowfriends Banner

Stoney Creek Book No 430
R 175,00

Cars of the 60s

Book 378 Stoney Creek Cross Stitch Charts
R 120,00

Timeless Wisdom

Stoney Creek Book 473
R 120,00

Dignity the Peacock

Chart only
R 220,00


Fishing in the Lake
R 175,00

Garden Flowers

Colourful Cross Stitch Chart
R 75,00

Barnyard Pair

Cross Stitch Leaflet
R 150,00

Hunting Companions

Easy to Read Cross Stitch Charts
R 150,00

Woodland Babies

Stoney Creek Collection Book 455
R 275,00

Teddies of the Year

Stoney Creek Collection Book 384
R 275,00

Farm Babies

Stoney Creek Collection Book 413
R 275,00

Natures Home

Stoney Creek Collection Book 421
R 275,00


Prancer Christmas Eve Couriers

Earth Goddess

Earth Goddess an Joan Elliott Design

Teddies an Toys

Stoney Creek Collection Book 384
R 275,00

Nantucket Rose

R 275,00