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Gridding Cross Stitch Fabric

Gridding Cross Stitch Fabric

Gridding entails duplicating some of the lines on the chart to your fabric which makes it easier to keep your place and saves time by reducing the amount of counting that needs to be done.

You can choose which lines to grid, what marker to use as well as when to mark the fabric.

Which Lines To Grid:

If you plan to only find the centre point then you only grid 2 lines across the fabric to form a PLUS sign +

Your starting point will therefore be where the 2 lines meet

You can also mimic the BOLD lines on the pattern grid by gridding only those lines onto the fabric.

These are normally spaced every 5 blocks or every 10 blocks. You will therefore be creating something that looks like this:

What To Grid With:

There are a few options and there is no right or wrong with any of them, though they each have their pros and cons

  • Blue marking pen – washes out
  • Purple marking pen – air erasable so best not to grid up a large area at a time
  • Frixion Pen – markings are removable with heat
  • Cotton thread – use black or grey as red dyed threads have been known to stain fabric

When to Grid:

You can grid up the entire project prior to starting OR you can grid a section / page at a time. Most stitchers  who stitch large projects, grid a page at a time.

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